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By now, spring cleaning has pretty much become a way of life. It makes sense, given that spring is the season of renewal and refreshment. But is it really the best time to clean? When it comes to carpet, the answer is no.

The benefits of having carpet during winter certainly aren’t a secret in Michigan: more comfort and better insulation. However, what many people don’t realize is that winter is also the ideal season to clean your carpet flooring. So while it is recommended to have carpet flooring professional cleaned every 18 months,

Winter is Drier

The snow may seem to be piling up, but Grand Ledge receives less precipitation and humidity this time of the year. In other words, our climate is drier. Carpet naturally drys faster at lower humidity levels. Also, the faster carpet drys, the less likely dust is to settle and stick to its fibers while they are still wet. During dryer months, spills will also evaporate more quickly.

Cleaner Air

We tend to spend more time in our homes during winter, increasing our exposure to indoor allergens. This is especially true for homes with pets, as their dander tends to build up faster. By having your carpets professionally cleaned now, they will also be easier to clean during allergy season (discussed next).

Spring Is Coming

Spring may seem to come a little later in Michigan than much of the rest of the country, but it’ll still be here before you know it. What does this have to do with cleaning carpet? If your cleaning service includes a treatment solution, it’ll be applied to your carpet just in time for it to catch all of the pollen and allergens that will inevitably fill our homes. Such treatments as R2X prevent particles, dander and moisture from becoming embedded into the carpet’s fibers, allowing them to be vacuumed away with ease. By having your carpets professionally cleaned now, these fine particles will be much easier to vacuum away during the coming seasonal change.

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If you’re considering a refresh of your home’s style for spring, now is the time to begin planning for your new floors. To get started, visit Mid Michigan Flooring in Grand Ledge today!