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Michigan’s late start to spring is finally underway, and we’re seeing the pollen count rise with it. In fact, Lansing’s pollen outlook seems to be picking up just in time for the weekend before really taking off next week. Needless to say, we’ll be looking for relief wherever we can find it, especially when it comes to our home’s indoor air quality.

Is Carpet Safe for Allergies?

Despite what you may have heard, modern carpet flooring is actually one of the top allergy-safe flooring options available. As allergens settle, they become trapped within the carpet’s fibers. Modern carpet is designed to prevent allergens from becoming embedded, instead keeping them resting on the surface until they can be vacuumed away with ease. By vacuuming once per week (using a vacuum that includes a HEPA filter), you can remove all pollen and other particles long before they have a chance to reenter the air.

Tile Flooring

Tile is the original allergy-friendly flooring. Those hard, flat surfaces are easy to clean and prevent dust mites from growing. Even better, they’re also the original waterproof flooring, meaning tile resists mold growth. Just remember that some textured tile materials (including stone), include small, almost microscopic grooves that are more difficult to clean.

Vinyl Flooring

Since Johnsonite’s vinyl flooring earned the Allergy Foundation of America’s certification back in 2013, the industry has taken note. Most vinyl flooring is now designed with allergy-friendly standards in mind. These include reduced capacity for allergen retention, ease and efficacy of cleaning and even extremely limited exposure to toxins and allergens during manufacturing.

Hardwood Flooring

We may look to trees as the source of our suffering, but the hardwood panels they produce are actually quite resistant to allergens. In fact, it is difficult (and sometimes impossible) for pollen, pet dander,

Proper Cleaning

In order to remain allergy-free, it’s important to clean your flooring regularly. We mentioned this with carpet earlier, though it’s important to note that the vacuum should use a HEPA filter to prevent small particles from reentering the air. When having your carpets professionally cleaned (which we recommend once very 18 months), look for cleaners using the hot water extraction method. It’s far better at removing allergens and, as an added bonus, is better for your carpet’s longevity.

Though cleaning hard surface flooring is easy, be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications. They recommend the best procedures to both deep clean your flooring and maintain its durability for the long-term.

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